Thursday, September 25, 2008


Living in Indiana, one can't get too comfortable with any one season. I think in all actuality that is what I really love - the change of the seasons - but if I had to name one, my favorite is the Fall! There are so many things that I love about the fall. Here are just a few...
1. Soup season - chili, santa fe stew, potato soup, vegetable soup
2. The smell of burning leaves ( I LOVE this scent!)
3. The pumpkin patch
4. The apple orchard
5. Jack-o-lanterns
6. Trick-or-treating
7. Thanksgiving
8. FOOTBALL - especially Purdue...GO BOILERS!
9. Sweatshirts
10. The colors all around
One of the things I've been doing with Jackson in the past year or so is hosting his own holiday party. Our last one was at Easter. He invited a few boys over and we colored eggs, had an easter egg hunt, made bunny cupcakes and heard the Easter story. (At our house Easter is bigger than a Christian it is the best reason to celebrate) celebration of mama's favorite season, we are working on the details for his next shindig. He's hosting a fall party over break for some kindergarten friends of his. We're planning on making the cute T-shirts on the cover of this month's Family Fun magazine, making carmel apples and who knows what else.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Fall?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Protecting His Little Sis

Jackson is getting Sopie "suited" up

A few evenings ago, Justin had an evening meeting so I got to take his place in a round of frisbee outside with Jack. Normally frisbee is a man's sport at our house but I was an okay second fiddle since dad was gone. Anyway, Jack was concerned about Sophie joining us because he was just sure she would fall down a lot chasing a frisbee. Suddenly I heard, "I have an idea!" Off he went to the garage only to storm through the door sporting - you guessed it - knee pads! I laughed so hard. He was quite determined to get these on Sophie so she could play frisbee with us and not hurt her knees. ( I should mention that she roughed up her knees pretty good at a tennis match last weekend. Thus the reason for Jack's concern.) These knee pads cracked me up. It was almost like you could see the pride in his eyes for putting them on and taking such good care of her. As for Sophie, she loves her big brother and she sported them for the evening. Well, most of the evening. :)
Sophie --"Hey, these really help!"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Ran For Jan

This weekend our family (minus a sick Sophie) ran in a fundraiser for our dear friend Jan Spencer. It was a fun run - 2.7 miles - to raise money for Jan's trip to Mexco next month where she will undergo Stem Cell Therapy to hopefully reverse her ALS symptoms. It was a lot of fun. We all sported our blue T-shirts and got to visit with Jan and run or walk in the rain. (Running or walking in the rain is always fun)
But there was something a little more fun for me on this Saturday morning.

Jackson was determined to go along with us despite the weather Saturday morning. You see, he knew exactly why we were running. Jan has been a pretty special lady to Jack ever since the day he was born when she came to the hospital in anxious anticipation of his birth sporting two different colored shoes as she dressed in such a hurry! :) Jack and I have had several conversations usually at bedtime when we are doing nightly prayers about Jan and her disease and how it effects her. He is genuinely concerned about his friend and how she feels.

So on Saturday morning Jackson was determined to be a part of this special event. We started off running the 2.7 mile course. Now Jack is a runner as any five-year-old is. You know he runs all over the place but he has never set out on a "run." So this was quite different for him. He ran the first mile without stopping with his dad and I by his side cheering him on. I should mention that we were quite soaked too. Not because of the rainfall but because Jack ran right through the middle of every puddle on the course. At the end of mile one, he decided he needed to walk so Justin walked with him and I continued on.

We all ended up finishing the race and loving on Jan afterwards in our sweaty attire. Jack loved how there were snacks and water for you when you finished the race. I certainly loved seeing all the people come out to rally around Jan and her mission to find a breakthrough in the fight against ALS. However, what I loved the most was seeing my son recognize that he was a part of something big - with a purpose. He was determined to finish that race because he knew he was running for Jan. Running for her because right now, she cannot. Running for her so she can experience a turn around in her symptoms. Running for his friend.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Mark and Jack playing tennis in the yard.
This picture just doesn't do this memory justice. I was able to snap this shot Tuesday night at our house after dinner when our good friend, Mark Spencer, was playing tennis with Jack out front in the yard. Mark is so good with Jack. He plays with Jack far longer than most adults would ever care to entertain a five year old. He plays virtually any game that Jack wants and he teaches Jack how to do things when he's just learning. While no one will ever take the place of the playmates that Jack has with his daddy, Mark just might come in a close second. I love how he takes the time to play with our little man and how he makes him feel so special. I know that Jack will have fond memories of all the fun stuff he's done with Mark through the years...riding the scooter, playing koosh ball, hunting caterpillars and playing hide and seek. I pray over Jack and the friends that he has and will have in the future. I know God will bless him with friendships of great value but there's just something to be said about an adult who mentors a child and becomes his friend!
What is a friend? I will tell you it is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. -Frank Crane

Interesting Facts...or Not So Interesting

A few of my favorite blogging buddies recently sent around an interesting facts game of "tag." I decided to play along. So...for you faithful readers, here are a few interesting (or not so interesting) facts about me. Enjoy. Hopefully they'll bring about a good chuckle or at least bring a smile to your face.

1. Stinky Feet - I have a secret obsession with my children's stinky feet. Feet are so cute when they are little (and when they belong to your own kids) and I love to sniff up their stinkiness!

2. Piles - Piles are my filing system of choice. While I long to be a tidy file folder junkie, truth be told I do much better with piles. I can tell you exactly which pile things are in and how far down in that pile! :)
*I've always heard that geniuses are messy...that's what I'm going with anyway!

3. Word Games - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to play word games. I play them a lot with Jack right now because he thinks they are cool, but I love to play them with anyone. We play "I like it when.." or the alphabet game. Sometimes we do word association games. I know it's corny, but I think it's fun!

4. Proverbs - I can't get enough of Proverbs! I read something from Proverbs nearly everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. I love the small sections of truth that are so easy for me to recite and chew on all day long. My most recent verse to chew on: Proverbs 27:6 Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

5. Olympic Swimmer - My secret dream has always been to be an Olympic swimmer. I can remember watching swimmers in the Olympics for years. I've always loved the camera shots from under water where you can watch their strokes in detail.

6. Ears and Nails - I can't stand dirty ears or dirty finger nails...UGH! I'm pretty OCD about it.

7. Spiritual Head - Many people know my husband as a sarcastic jokester...which of course he is. :) However, what some people do not know is that he is an amazing spiritual head of our home. He is a prayer warrior, praying over me and our children fervently. He devours the scriptures like candy and seeks to apply them to our family life. He works just as hard (or harder) around the house as I do and I couldn't have been blessed with a more Christian man.

8. Hot Air Balloons - I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. Whenever I see one in the air I get lost in watching it. It's almost like I'm a kid again taking in the circus or some amazing sight.

9. J. Crew Jeans - While I've become quite the thrifty shopper since I've become a mom, I still can't part with my favorite brand of blue jeans...J.Crew. I love the way they fit and they way they look. My all time faves are the ones that are completely broken it and just on the cusp of ripping. Ahhh...comfort!

10. Drum roll please - Reoccurring Nightmare - My reoccurring nightmare is that all my teeth fall out. I'm sure there is some deep seeded psychological issue that causes this. My thought is that I am paranoid of the dentist. I haven't had a cavity in my entire life and when I finally get one I think they will have to sedate me. Who knows. I did hear once that Kelly Rippa has this same nightmare. :)

That's it. I'm sure if I sat and thought long enough I could come up with plenty more crazy facts about myself that would bring about a chuckle or two. For now you'll have to settle with these less than exciting tidbits. If you're reading and you blog too..."TAG" you're it!