Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sophie's Basket

I was doing some spring cleaning today and purging some of our stash. (My how embarassing it is to clean and realize just how much "stuff" we accumulate!) I emptied out a large basket that I keep in the living room. It had housed toys but I decided to move them downstairs where the kid's play area is. As I went to collect my basket and find a new use for it, this is what I found...

Doesn't she just have "rotten" written on her forehead? She was having so much fun that I decided my repurposing of the basket could wait a while!

A Visit To Great Wolf Lodge

We decided to take the kiddies on a little spring break get away to Mason, Ohio. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge so the kids could swim to their little hearts desire. We played in the arcade, visited the cub club, and spent one afternoon seeing a few sites around the area. ( A twirl around Jungle Jim's Grocery and of course a trip to IKEA) We had a great time getting away from the homestead and just spending some great quality time together as a family. Sophie was hilarious in the waterpark! NO. FEAR. I pray for that to be channeled in the right direction as she gets older. :) Jack spent most of his time on the slides. He's a little more reserved than his sister. If you're ever looking for a quick getaway...check out the lodge! :)

Pictures Above: Sophie at her favorite slide, Our posing duo, Jack in his crazy scuba gear and a quick family photo op!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To Jack!

My little man is not-so-little anymore. He turned the big S.I.X. this weekend. Birthdays have always been a big celebration for my family. Growing up I can still remember having the whole family over. They stayed all day. We had lunch, cake and ice cream, opened presents and played with whatever new toys or games I got for my birthday. I LOVED my special day! I also love giving that same celebration to my kids. I love taking the time to just celebrate them. Our festivities started Friday as Jackson took his favorite birthday treat- pink squirrels, to his classroom. Saturday we celebrated with my side of the family and today he had his first friend birthday party at the Wellness Center pool. Some say it's a little much - we say it's a great way to celebrate the day God created YOU! Happy Birthday to my Jacker! On your happy number six, here are six things I adore about you...

1. Your sensitivity

2. The way you love the outdoors

3. That you are now an official READING MACHINE

4. The way you protect your little sister

5. That you cheerfully help with chores and responsibilities (Most of the time)

6. That you totally dig Jesus

Here are a few pics from our birthday boy's big weekend. I'm curious though, how do you make birthdays special at your house? Leave me a comment and let me know. :)

Pictures Above: Jack enjoying pink squirrels with his class, Opening the loot from the family, Swimming away with his buddies and blowing out the candles on his Mario Bros. cake.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Heart Spring!

I absolutely LOVE Spring! I know we're still a few weeks away from its official arrival but each day that the sun shines and the snow is gone, I have visions of Easter and tulips and taking a walk with my kiddos OUTSIDE!!
One of the things I love about Indiana is the fact that the seasons come and go and the weather changes so we get to experience it all. However, with that said... I. Am. Done. With. Winter! Join me for a few seconds as I bask in the anticipation of the next glorious season...
1. A new Easter dress
2. Daffodils, Tulips and all the other springy flowers.
3. Bunnies and Chicks
4. A cute spring jacket
5. The smell of the ground thawing
6. Going for a walk outside
7. Flying Kites
8. Mud puddles from the spring rain
9. One season closer to the city pool being open