Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun from my friend in tiny town (Who by the way, I've NEVER actually met!)

1. On an average, how often do you splurge and buy something for yourself?

Way. Too. Much.

2. What is the last creative project you began/finished? Feel free to post a pic of it.

Hmmm...I'm real good at thinking up creative projects and picturing them perfectly completed in my mind. Not so good at actually seeing them through. My latest, valances for my bedroom that match the quilt my mother-in-law made for us last Christmas. Took me the better part of one afternoon.

3. OK, Goldie Locks, do you consider your house too big, too little or juuuust right?

Just perfectly right! I used to really struggle with incontentment. God has really done a work in me in this area. I'm so thankful for our home, its character and the space we have. I love, love, love to entertain in it! It may be far from perfect to others but it is PERFECT to us! :)

4. What is your favorite outdoor chore?

Working in my flower beds OR raking leaves with the kids.

5. If you knew that cigarette smoking was not bad for your health but would be a weight loss tool, would you use it? Why or why not?

No way! Can't stand the smell of me a headache in minutes!

6. On a road trip, would you rather drive or ride?

Um, ride. Everyone else would rather I ride also!

7. What do you consider a trivial pursuit?


8. This weekend, we downloaded the movie "Duplicity" with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Within 5 minutes, I was bored and annoyed, but I kept watching 5-10 minutes at a time hoping it would get better between small chores. I finally gave up and Jorge watched it alone, and then regretted wasting that time because he disliked it intensely, too. So ... how long do you watch a movie or read a book before giving up on it?

Does falling asleep count as giving up on it? If so, minutes!

9. Is there a song that you really love but are embarrassed to admit because it's not cool or it's racy or because it's by Hall and Oates?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Michael Jackson. Actually, I'm not embarassed by it - but I am made fun of constantly because of it.

10. On a scale of 1-10 (10 = extremely) how spontaneous are you?

Hmmm...I think a six.

11. Are you a food and/or beverage snob?

If ever I was, motherhood stripped that away. I now chomp ABC gum, drink any beverage with floaties and have grown to love any brand of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.

12. Who/What are you trying to control in your life? (I hear people gulping and see them sweating in anticipation of how to answer this one.)

I'm pretty sure I'm trying to control way too much in my life. I could start to list, but it would take a long, long time. God's working on me here too!